“It was night” and with these words betrayed and betrayer part. This passage was taken from St. John's Gospel and has been the inspiration for me for this set of drawings and paintings. These works were made particularly during the run-up to and throughout the war in Iraq and seem to express my anger and anxiety during the several years of conflict and its aftermath. Artists have always used the human figure to express emotions; in these works the figure of the lone woman is used rather as I imagine a whole society might feel when promises are broken, vulnerability exploited and falsehood and torture both mental and physical prevail. 

These mixed media works on paper use the human figure as a metaphor for political comment. Drawing the human figure from life is a unique chance to observe all the outward configurations which make each of us who we are.. But there is another quality to the Life Room where imagination and observation mix. In this series of pieces entitled “ After the Party” we find ourselves viewing the last vestiges of a fading performance... The fan dance is over; the theatre is empty. We, from our vantage point backstage, have seen it all.

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