Art has a strange way of being. It inhabits liminal areas of self and other, object and creator. It is a strange suspended moment of existence which entices the viewer to see beyond yet go within- viewing objects and self. Most of my effort as an artist has been directed to finding pathways for myself and others to enter this world through the images used and the marks made in their creation- inviting the viewer to go beyond...

The fact remains that I tie my work to observation in the tangible world. For some this will seem like "mere illustration" and a retrograde step in the Modernist March. However I would answer this by saying Art should not be viewed with eyes focused on Darwinian evolution. What is newest is not ipso facto best. Mark making that is varied, descriptive, expressive, and informed is important to me. My work is multi-faceted including elements that are aleatory and where partly occluded imagery provides a vehicle for mystery and experimentation. As ever the aim is furthering the dynamics of communication.

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Judith's work is in public and private collections in this country and abroad - most recently the collection of the Dean of Chichester Cathedral in the collection of Robin Hardy (Director of the Wicker Man). She is profiled in World Who's Who in Art, The World Who's Who of Women and the Dictionary of International Biography. Judith has also worked for the National Trust, and has served as a non-executive director of one of the largest NHS Mental Health Trusts in the UK.

Judith Gait trained at the California College of Arts and Craft where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree followed by graduate study at the Ruskin School of Drawing Oxford University. She has recently finished a Masters in Fine Art Research from the University of the West of England. Judith is a Star Award finalist for teaching those who have chronic health needs and addictions.